Dream Come True!

“Utilizing Crypto to Make Dreams Come True”

DCT is establishing one of the strongest crypto communities, one that is designed to create opportunities for members of the community to achieve their dreams while providing an alternative method of storing wealth and value.


The crypto market has been used by everyday people as a hope to attempt to realize their dreams. Volatile market conditions, fraud, and the lack of transparency each creates barriers for the average person to achieve their goals. DCT is a crypto project that aims to bring that dream to reality.


There are 2 methods Dream Come True can potentially help those dreams come to fruition.

Dream Come True

With DCT- Every member of the community has an opportunity to have their Dream Come True. This is possible with a percentage of the transaction fees and coin sales being allocated for our Dream Come True program.

Dreaming of starting your own business? The Dream Come True program could help provide a startup grant to provide the opportunity.

Have you always dreamed of visiting Rome and seeing the Colosseum? DCT could help finance the endeavor.

Coin Price Appreciation

Just like in every crypto project, people buy and sell to capture increases in value. With DCT- there is a capped supply of 1 billion tokens and includes a token burn to pay for dreams of the community members.

There will be a minimum 10% token burn up to 25% pending token price fluctuations and the requirements of the Dream Come True program to support the tokens value.

Features & Tokenomics

Dream Come True Program

The Dream Come True program for the DCT token brings dreams to life. To qualify for the program, you need to:

The DCT will choose Dreamers by committee based upon the submitted essays.

Exclusions to the Dream Come True Program:

  • The DCT team
  • Friends / Relatives / Acquaintances of the DCT team
  • As needed special circumstances

The DCT has allocated 15% of the 1 billion supply of tokens to make dreams come true. But dreams can’t just come true- dreams need a little bit of magic. As dreams come true, 15% of all tokens will be burned as magic to not only fuel these dreams but also provide upward pressure on the coin price to help the DCT community make their dreams come true as well.

There will be reserved 10% of token supply to help make dreams come true or be used as magic to burn token supply.

Our Mission

The Dream Come True team is composed of successful crypto investors, business leaders, and industry partners that want to give back to the crypto community and give the average crypto enthusiast an opportunity typically reserved for insiders.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3